Below is a negative of the face on the Shroud of Turin, taken by Giuseppe Enri in 1931.

Shroud of Turin Conference 2017

This site includes Shroud of Turin evidence, Shroud of Turin facts, latest research and new evidence on the history, DNA, pollen, image formation, and dating of the Shroud of Turin.

The conference will be held at the large TRAC center in Pasco (  The Holiday Inn Express hotel in Pasco is just steps from the TRAC center.  The Hampton Inn is about a five minute walk from the TRAC center.  Breakfast will be included in the cost of the hotels.  Contact information for these hotels is as follows:

Holiday Inn Express

Price:  $119 and $129 plus taxes

Address:  4525 Convention Place, Pasco, Washington 99301, United States
Phone:  1-509-543-7000

​Click here for the website.

Hampton Inn

Price:   $99 plus taxes

​Address:  6826 Burden Boulevard, Pasco, Washington, 99301, USA

Phone:   +1-509-792-1660

Click here for the website. 

If you will have a car available for transportation, then many other hotels are available in Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland, Washington, but they are further from the TRAC Center. 

Contact us for further information.

Hotels for the Conference

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  Shroud of Turin​​ Conference 2017

Seeking Solutions to the Mysteries of the Shroud

Below is a positive of the front

image on the Shroud of Turin.

Photos from the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) testing on the Shroud in 1978:​

Below are negatives of the front and

back images on the Shroud of Turin.