Below is a negative of the face on the Shroud of Turin, taken by Giuseppe Enri in 1931.

Shroud of Turin Conference 2017

This site includes Shroud of Turin evidence, Shroud of Turin facts, latest research and new evidence on the history, DNA, pollen, image formation, and dating of the Shroud of Turin.

Below is a positive of the front

image on the Shroud of Turin.

Photos from the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) testing on the Shroud in 1978:​

Below are negatives of the front and

back images on the Shroud of Turin.

Registration for the Shroud of Turin Conference

Registration for the conference can be made with  or without meals.  The meals include lunch and dinner served in the conference room on July 20-22, which is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the conference.  We encourage people to register for the conference with meals so that they will not miss any of the conference and so they can talk during meals with those making presentations and others attending the conference.  Registering for the conference with meals will also help to pay for rental of the TRAC center.  The meals will be served buffet style to expedite the process.  Special requests may be possible, with additional cast, for gluten free meals, veggie meals, and vegan meals.  Please communicate special meal requests during the registration process below, or to

The price per person for registration for the entire conference (July 19 to 22 of 2017) is as follows:

                                                        Through June, 2017                   After June 30, 2017

With meals:                                             $165                                                     ***

​Without meals:                                        $50                                                   $55

Attendance at the first session Wednesday evening (June 19, 2017) is free.   For the following days (Thursday, Friday, or Saturday), cost at the door for any one day is $20 and for an evening session starting at 6:30 is $7.  The price for the lunch and dinner meals that will be catered into the conference is $40 per day.  Payments will be accepted at the door provided that the limitation of the conference room is not exceeded, and provided that meals are still available (see below).  It is best to preregister for the entire conference to assure your entry into the conference. 

***   The organizing committee must make final meal arrangements prior to the start of the conference.  Thus, it may not

         be possible to accept reservations for meals after the end of June 2017.  If meals reservations are desired after this

         date, it is best to contact us to determine whether meal reservations are still possible.

To register for the conference, use the "Register now" button below:

​​​Donations for the general expenses of the conference including assistance given for travel expenses and for research on the Shroud of Turin can be made by check.  Please make checks out to "Test the Shroud Foundation" and mail it to the following address:

Shroud Conference 2017

   c/o Robert A. Rucker

129 Mac Arthur St.

​Richland, WA     99354


​If the conference results in a financial loss, it will be paid by donations, by the Shroud Research Team in Richland, and by the Test The Shroud Foundation.  If the conference results in a financial gain, all proceeds will go to the Test the Shroud Foundation to facilitate future research on the Shroud and for future seminars and conferences on the Shroud.

Cost for Hotels and Transportation

The price of rooms at the Holiday Inn Express and the Hampton Inn that are near the TRAC center will range in cost from $99 up to $129 plus taxes.  Breakfast will be included in the cost of the hotels.  Car rental will not be needed as shuttle vans are available for transportation from the airport to the hotels.  The TRAC center and the hotels are only about five miles away from the airport.

  Shroud of Turin​​ Conference 2017

Seeking Solutions to the Mysteries of the Shroud

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